Ana Katarina

Earth Ring


The Four Elements Earth Ring is an expression of the abundance of our mother earth and reverence to the bumblebee. An 18k yellow gold bee, with white gold wings, ruby eyes, and a black opal body, is suspended over malachite. On either side of the ring is an inverted emerald. This ring decadently flips over, revealing a pave diamond Tree of Life.  

To Ana-Katarina, the earth element represents fertility and creativity. Her spiritual practice encourages honoring the fertility of Mother Earth and her bounty. Earth Ring acts as a talisman in creating your natural bounty through gardening, bodily nourishment, and engagement with the senses. The bumblebee totem is a reminder of the luscious rewards granted to individuals who manifest their dreams. By engaging with these connections to the natural world, we can ground our energy to enhance the abundance of our spirit and the life created around us. 

  • 18k Yellow & White Gold
  • Malachite, .30ct Emerald, .03ct Ruby, .03ct Lightning Ridge Black Opal.

Ana-Katarina used malachite mined in the 1960s Congo to create this ring. She prefers not to use malachite currently mined in the region. 



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