Harwell Godfrey

Luxor Diamond Bangle


Award-winning designer Lauren Godfrey inverted her iconic knife edge design to create a new silhouette introduced to the Harwell Godfrey core collection in September of 2023. After her travels to Egypt Godfrey expressed, “I was very inspired by my time in Luxor, especially in visiting the Valley of the Queens and the beautiful tomb of Queen Nefertari. I was inspired to make a bangle in the inverse of a pyramid or knife edge, more of an inverted shape as a nod to that Valley. Crafted in 18k yellow gold and diamonds, it features a light catching texture based on a repetitive linear pattern I saw in several ancient sites as well as diamond pyramids within the bangle itself. It makes a beautiful statement on its own, but the unusual shape makes it a perfect one to add to a stack.”

  • 18K yellow gold
  • Diamonds: 0.22ct
  • Size: 6mm width / wrist: 16mm 

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