Ana Katarina

Air Ring


The Four Elements Air Ring is a dazzling piece honoring both the visual and spiritual cosmos. A blue lapis lazuli ether is the background on which a luminous crescent moon and stars sparkle in yellow gold and pave diamonds. A radiant white gold and diamond shooting star complete the first face of the ring. Air Ring flips over to an interwoven design and stars reminding us of the connective patterns of the universe. This tranquil design in yellow gold and diamonds over a blue lapis background eases the mind and inspires an energizing clarity.

Air Ring is inspired by Ana-Katarina’s connection to both the natural elements and Hindu philosophies. A talisman for air and ether elements, Air Ring, celebrates the beauty of change and evolution. In Hinduism, Akash (ether) is the space of the cosmos where all potential lives. Vayu (the air element) is not only the wind but our breath and change. Through this lens, our air may always be called upon through inspiration and thus cannot be contained. This reflects the personal freedom of transformation and the strength of our potential. Ana-Katarina shares this with Air Ring in the ring’s double faceted design, expressing the magnitude of the cosmos and the metamorphosis of the stars.

  • 18k Yellow and White Gold, Chilean Lapis, & .31ct Diamonds

This piece was made using reclaimed, recycled, and fair-trade precious gems and metals in our NYC atelier. 

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