Ana Katarina

Fire Hoops


The Four Elements Fire Hoop Earrings illustrate the creative nature that ignites our passions through its bold imagery. A fire opal center emblazoned in the rising sun is surrounded by magnificent rays playfully sparkling against an enamel blue sky. The orange of sunset enameled into the gold curve play off the image. These earrings pair perfectly with Ana-Katarina’s Fire Ring/Pendant.

A talisman for tapping into our creative energy, The Fire Earrings and Ring invigorate the beholder's relationship with the passions and movements that feed their life. To Ana-Katarina this has manifested into meditations inspired by the Vedic Fire God Agni. The element of fire in Hinduism symbolizes the digestion of any situation present in life. Ana-Katarina holds her talisman on the belief that through meditation, we digest the positive of each lesson we face while letting go of that which no longer serves us. This cathartic act transforms and renews the alcoves of our being by bringing distinct situations to a positive light.

  • 18k Yellow Gold, Fire Opal, & .084ct Diamonds

This piece was created using reclaimed, recycled, and fair-trade precious gems and metals in our NYC atelier.

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