La Forza Malachite Tarot Card


18K yellow gold La Forza Tarot Card composed of 2.60 cttw sapphire, 0.05 cttw emerald, and 0.49 cttw G-H/SI diamonds on a 14.05 ct malachite background. This pendant measures 54 mm x 28 mm x 3 mm and comes on a 20-inch ball chain. 

L A  F O R Z A :  S T R E N G T H

Meaning: power, courage, determination, influence, compassion, perseverance

The Strength card reminds us that true power comes from compassion and love, not brute force. A woman is seen gently stroking and taming a lion’s mouth with her affectionate, beneficent energy. She channels her inner strength and determination to subdue the beast, as opposed to using coercion or force. Over her head lies an infinity symbol, representing infinite potential and wisdom. This card urges the wearer to ‘tame’ certain emotional instincts like anger, rage, or guilt by approaching situations with empathy and forgiveness to overcome life’s obstacles.

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