Bibi Van Der Velden

Agate Alligator Bite Earring


The Alligator Bite Earring Agate makes a pretty, pastel-toned addition to the Alligator Bite Earring collection. The creature's body is designed in pink agate, a variety of chalcedony that's said to have rebalancing qualities for the body and mind. This pale stone contrasts with the alligator's 18k yellow gold tail and head. Like all our Alligator Bite Earrings, this piece replicates the alligator's body in miniature, with the creature's jaws acting as the earring's closing mechanism to snap onto the ear. The alligator's tail gently moves, underlining Bibi's attention to the most minute of details, while its Tsavorite eyes create a flash of green. The piece can be worn as a single earring or as a pendant, by snapping its mouth onto a chain (chain not included).

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