Marlo Laz was founded by Jesse Marlo Lazowski in 2014.  Jesse inherited her fascination with jewelry and artisanal craftsmanship from her aunt, an antique jewelry dealer. At the age of 13, she was gifted a pink ruby and diamond bow brooch that had belonged to her grandmother. Jesse eventually transformed the heirloom into a modern necklace, becoming her first step into the world of jewelry design. Jesse rediscovered her passion for jewelry design in India where she worked with a team of artisans, designing and overseeing the production of what would become her first jewelry collection. After years of traveling and living abroad, she returned to Manhattan and attended the Gemology Institute of America.

Marlo Laz takes its collectors beyond borders, offering precious treasures, modern keepsakes, and the luckiest of charms. Brought to life through vivid gemstone pairings, intricate engravings, and excellent craftsmanship, their pieces are inspired by the world and handmade in New York City. 

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