State Property was founded in 2015 by Singaporean husband-and-wife design team. Lin Ruiyin is an award-winning jeweler who was trained at the esteemed Central St Martins in London and whose personal works are part of gallery collections in London. Her husband, Afzal Imram, was trained in Industrial Design at the National University of Singapore and his personal works have been exhibited in Milan, Paris, and Singapore.

The designers navigate fusing contemporary approaches to design with traditional craftsmanship. They play with the boundaries of art and design and explore the complexity of the human body and individual personality. 

Loved by Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman and Lady Gaga, “the brand combines preciousness and durability with diamonds, pearls, and rich emeralds that are set against 18kt gold…Not only does all of this merge for a thoroughly contemporary appeal, but the there’s also a reassuring Art Deco symmetry for a nod to stylish bygone times.” - Forbes

State Property fine jewelry designer Tiny Gods

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