Founded in 2015 by Baylee Ann Zwart, ĀZLEE merges classical practices of jewelry design and the romance of the natural world into a singular vision of modern luxury. Inspired by ancient civilizations, ĀZLEE reinterprets timeless references into a line of contemporary fine jewelry designed for the every day.

Raised between Colorado and California, Baylee grew up surrounded by nature and design. An early interest in photography propelled her into a career in fashion, before moving to Guatemala to work for a fair-trade non-profit organization. There she stumbled upon metal working and fell in love with the art of jewelry making. Immersing herself completely, she developed a deep appreciation for the process of shaping raw materials into wearable objects. 

ĀZLEE has been worn by Emma Watson, Rihanna, Bella & Gigi Hadid, Zoë Kravitz, Scarlett Johansson and has been featured in Vogue, Vogue Paris, W, Elle, Bazaar and international publications around the world.

As an avid surfer and scuba diver, Baylee supports marine conservation and preservation by donating a portion of each sale towards an ocean-related cause.

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