Francesca Villa was born in a quaint, coastal town in Italy. There, her passion for jewelry and its magical qualities were passed on to her by her family, and especially her grandmother. “The most valuable lesson I learned from her was that every piece of jewelry has a life of its own, the meaning of which goes far beyond the material value or its evident beauty – a jewel is a memory, a connection to a time, a place, a person…something that gives every piece great sentimental value.”

Francesca was the Creative Director for one of Italy’s most famous jewelry goldsmiths for over ten years. There she designed jewelry and developed collections for international brands and fashion houses. In 2007, a deep desire to experiment, innovate and actualize her own unique vision and point of view led Francesca to launch her own eponymous brand.

Francesca’s mission is to create wearable art that evokes a fantasy through “our world in miniature.” Lit by the subtle poetry of emotion, each piece is meant to be a theatre of the unexpected and ironic encounters – where the relics of our personal experiences, through the power of the jeweler’s craft, find new life and beauty.

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