Senem Gençoğlu, the Turkish founder and designer of Kloto, inspires a narrative of openness and inclusivity through sculptural forms and mixed metals. In every piece, there is a fluidity through shape and purpose, made to occupy the space between gender, age and formality of occasion.

Senem lives in Istanbul, a place where Asia and Europe intersect and cultures combine in harmonious symphony. Senem hails from a family of artisans, rooted in the spirit and culture of the Grand Bazaar with its long history of jewelry making. From a young age, she spent summers working at ateliers with her grandfather, learning the craft and pursuing her curiosity for art and design. Senem went on to study industrial design which has allowed her to apply a fresh and modern sensibility to her jewelry designs.

Senem’s insight connects the old with the new, combining traditional handmade methods and a local community of artisans with environmentally conscious production and recycled, responsibly sourced materials. Kloto translates a heritage craftsmanship into future heirlooms with a progressive perspective.

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