Boochier was founded in 2019 by Chinese-Ghanaian designer Melinda Zeman. Melinda draws inspiration from her multi-cultural heritage and diverse background to create fine jewelry that celebrates joy and individuality. Her whimsical and nostalgic designs are meticulously crafted and seamlessly blend tongue-in-cheek maximalism with a fanciful sophistication.

Melinda’s fascination with jewelry began at a young age. She and her grandmother would trawl through jade markets in search of hidden treasures. From these experiences, she understood not only the transformative powers of jewelry but also its unique ability to create bonds that transcend generations.

These memories inspired Melinda to create Boochier’s first collection, the Ties. Featuring interlocking laces of gold, diamonds and color, the Tie Collection celebrates the different “threads” that interweave our lives, making us all distinctly unique yet connected.

It is this same spirit that is imbued in all Boochier’s creations.

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