Joelle Kharrat grew up in Lebanon, where women celebrate their femininity, beauty, elegance and strength with jewelry. Joelle moved to Paris to study and lived there for the next 10 years to pursue a marketing career in fashion and cosmetics.  

Following her deep interest for Lebanese craftsmanship, creativity and timeless luxury in a modern world, Joelle moved back to Beirut to live and open her own jewelry studio. The designer launched her eponymous fine jewelry line in 2022, with the debut of her first collection called Totem. 

The Totem collection is sculptural and modular. The collection is divided into four themes: Earth (Wood), Air (Gold), Water (Mother of Pearl) and Fire (Hand-carved Opals & Gemstones). Each theme incorporates 18kt yellow gold and his hand-made in the studio in Lebanon.

Lebanese jewelry designer Joelle Kharrat fine jewelry at tiny gods

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