Cadar was founded in 2015 by innovative design talent Michal Kadar. As a young girl, Michal spent time by the Israeli coast collecting shells her artist father used for his life-size sculptures. She developed a meticulous attention to detail and an affinity for the meditative process of intricate work. The rich cultural mélange of her family’s European and North African heritage ignited her imagination from childhood and set a course for a life in art and design.

Cadar is at once modern and timeless and is handcrafted in New York City and Italy. Each piece is created with reverence for the architecture of the body, featuring intricate detail and stunningly fluid movement.

Cadar has received numerous accolades, including Michal Kadar as an FGI “Rising Star” in the fine jewelry category in 2016, “Best in Gold” at COUTURE 2017, and “Gold Design of the Year” in the inaugural Town & Country Magazine Jewelry Awards in 2018.

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