Ananya Malhotra is a graduate of Central Saint Martins in London and currently resides in London, Miami and India. As a result of her own upbringing and creative influences, Ananya’s contemporary design aesthetic transcends place, celebrates authentic personal expression and foregrounds spiritual identity. Every Ananya design carries the unique vision and creative heritage of the designer, and in doing so represents a fusion of Indian jewelry traditions, diverse international influences, and a modern outlook.

The collection carries with it an ideology about beauty as a powerful energy, an expressive vibration and a sensual awareness that resonates with the essence of life. Every Ananya design has a story to tell even before it is worn for the first time.

Scatter Edge Hoops by Ananya 18k yellow gold diamonds Tiny Gods on Model forward facing diamond hoop earrings Scatter Edge Hoops by Ananya 18k yellow gold diamonds
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Diamond Scatter Huggies
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