Q & A with the Founders 

Mary Margaret How did you meet?
Jane We were ‘set-up’, like a designer blind date
Charlotte We immediately bonded during long lunch at Bergdorf’s and quickly realized we had lots of friends in common, not to mention a lot of parallels with our businesses.

MMB Did you have any challenges reimagining your House of Harris designs into small scale for jewelry?
CL Jane and I were quickly able to identify some key pieces of our HoH designs we wanted to highlight in the jewelry. It was exciting to figure out ways to bring the flowers and birds to life without the use of printed color in our wallpapers… this is where we brought in colored stones to punctuate the whimsical designs.

MMB What is your favorite piece from the collection and why?
CL The baby pearl necklace with the multicolored stone bird coin!
JW I have two, I can’t help it. The first is the JOY small bird coin in 14k gold. I love birds in jewelry and adding sapphires to this gold cast sparrow is so unique. Tied for favorite is the mother of pearl carved scarab ring. I have been wearing it non-stop since we received the first samples. It is stunning!

MMB What's your favorite way to style the pieces from this collection?
CL The more layers the better! Starting with the larger pearl necklace with a coin and then longer layers of the skinner chains with colored flowers and the pink Jade scarab.
JW For me, more is better. I disregard the mandate from Coco Chanel to remove one accessory before leaving the house – this jewelry is meant to be layered. The coin hung on the large pearl lariat, with a long gold chain layered below with 3 of the charms: snake, scarab and butterfly.

MMB As a trendsetter, how do you think this collection will resonate with the stylish women in our Charlotte community?
CL I think women can wear these pieces to create their own unique look and style! Keeping it simple and classic by highlighting one charm on a pearl necklace or layering 5 or 6 together in your own unique way! I love that JW jewelry has meaning and there’s ways a story behind the pieces!

MMB Are these limited edition pieces?
JW Yes very limited. Just for Mother’s Day this spring. This will sell out quickly!