Bibi Van Der Velden

Floaty Scarab Stackable Ring


Two scarab beetles face each other in this unique, open-ended design. Taking inspiration from the scarab beetles that were prized as auspicious symbols in Ancient Egypt, Bibi reinterprets this touchstone as a contemporary amulet. Fashioned as an 18K yellow gold band, textured to resemble a branch, the ring is set with two scarabs crafted from sterling silver and 18K rose gold. These scarabs are embellished with amethyst, pink sapphires, brown diamonds, and real scarab wings, but the insects can be personalised with stones and precious materials to represent children or significant others in your life.

  • 18k yellow and rose gold
  • Sterling silver
  • Scarab wings
  • Pink sapphire, amethyst and brown diamonds
  • Size: 7

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