Bibi Van Der Velden

Hanging from the Cloud Earrings


"A summer in Brazil, deep in the jungle surfing secret waves formed the inspiration for this unique pair. Loaded with symbolism, such as the crossed arrows which symbolise the connections I have made."

Capture a positively dreamy energy with these Tahitian pearl and crystal quartz earrings. Tactile clouds, crafted from crystal quartz, form the earrings’ posts, while at the drop sit green-toned Tahitian pearls, which Bibi chose for their distinctive hue. Along the earrings’ length are a pair of crossed arrows and a three-dimensional star, designed in 18k rose gold, with white diamonds and a watermelon tourmaline set on the length, too. These unique earrings juxtapose earthy tones with an airy mood.

  • Limited edition one of one

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