Tanzanite Chakra Bracelet


‘Ananya’ means ‘unique’ in Hindi, and this is reflected in both the products’ design and the brand’s overriding mission: to create jewellery that has no equivalent: in beauty, craftsmanship and meaning.

This bracelet is strung with polished tanzanite rondelle beads and is contrasted with a rose gold bar set with baguette diamonds and is encrusted with blue sapphires on the loops. The beads are strung with a crystal material that is strong, malleable and flexible. It is a stretchy mechanism which lets you to slide the bracelet on to your wrist easily and comfortably.

Diamond: Energy | Healing | Clarity

Diamonds carry a high-frequency energy that stimulate and open all of the chakras, especially the Crown and Etheric Chakras. Diamonds are considered master healers for their ability to unify the mind and body.

  • 18k rose gold
  • Blue sapphires (57.97cts), crystal (.90cts), sapphires (1.17cts) and diamonds (1.03cts) 

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